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Radical Aliveness

Yoga, Qigong and Somatic Meditation 

Get out of your head! Cultivate deep presence, peace and aliveness, with slow yoga (all levels), the easeful moving meditation of qigong, and embodiment practices.  Come home to the wordless wisdom, and timeless mystery of the body’s intelligence. Weekly themes: 1: Breath, 2: Rest, 3: Receptivity, 4: Integration.

Radical Aliveness is about transcending the tyranny of the head, and inscending into the felt present- into our bodies, our wholeness: head, heart and belly.

In this culture, we live trapped in the invisible prison of our heads.  Everywhere we look, in the very conventions of our language, we see the elevation of reason and ideas over intuition and direct experience; of the head over the body.  In this agreed-upon “reality,” this way of living, lost in thought, seems normal.  We treat our bodies like pesky animals, or sex-objects, burdens, or work-machines to be refueled.  Our faces are manipulating masks. We ruminate endlessly about problems, real and imagined, and avoid really feeling in the core of our being.  Thoughts, stories, ideas and media substitute for real aliveness.

This isn’t nature, this is culture, and it is suffering.  We are lost in a world fashioned of our own projections, caught in endless doing, self-exiled from our natural state of effortless being.  This sense of disconnection from our own sacred human bodies, from our own wholeness, is the root of our sense of disconnection from the whole world.  Fractured self, fractured world. 


The path back to wholeness begins with this breath, this body, this moment.  In this series we will practice connecting with the timeless wisdom and peace of our beautiful human bodies. “


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Given Fall 2016  at Yoga Soup

inscend (verb):

1. To intentionally bring awareness into a moment for the purpose of experiencing it fully and completely

2. To use meditative and proprioceptive techniques to enhance the quality of an experience and Life in general [literally, “to climb into experience.”


From the time we are babies, we are taught to identify with the mind, and to think of the body as something separate.  We suffer, isolated in the hamster wheel of the head. We live life planning for the future or mulling over the past, in a trance of busyness and abstract thinking, disconnected from our bodies and from the now.


The good news is that we are whole beings: head, heart and belly. In this series of six classes, we will tap into the peace, vitality and timeless intelligence that is available when we are connected to the brain in the belly. All three centers come into harmony, as we learn to speak, move and act from a place of wholeness.  We cultivate deeper presence, effortless movement, and connection with ourselves, the world and all beings. We experience a greater sense of freedom, aliveness, authenticity and flow.  

Read my blog post about my experience of the work.

Mindfulness & Embodiment 

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