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Vegan, Paleo and Grain-Free   Recipes from the Heart

Tumeric Chocolate Chip Cookies (Grain-Free!)

Deeply satisfying, and anti-inflammatory!  Can make Keto version with Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener too!

Raspberry-Chocolate Cashew Cheezecake

A chocolate almond crust topped with a layer of white chocolate cheezecake dotted with raspberrys, topped with a pink raspberry cheezecake layer, topped with rich cacao fudge made with coconut oil and maple.  The best! Made originally for my friend Shayne by combining a few different recipes, this is a huge hit with everyone.  Great for birthdays.  It is time consuming but worth it- make lots and save in freezer.

Cacao-Mint Tarts

Deep dark chocolate mint, fudgy and satisfying.

Betty's Pesto Goat Cheese "Green Dip"

An easy and quick family favorite- great with crudité, kids love it.

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