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Retreat Center
This is a path at Spirit Rock, my favorite retreat center, with many of my favorite teachers, like Jack Kornfield, Philip Moffit, Rick Hanson, Joanna Macy, Spring Washam and qigong master, Teja Bell. You can listen to loads of amazing Dharma talks by their many teachers by donation at

Some of my Favorite Teachers...

Spiritual Teachers

Qigong Master Teacher, Dharma teacher (lineage holder in Zen tradition), and Aikido Master. My Qigong teacher, everything he does is suffused with kindness and presence.  His style emphasizes ease and effortlessness. "Energy loves to move through a relaxed body," he often says. Practice along with his videos or go and study with him in Marin. 

Pioneer and expert on body intelligence, a master of presence, authenticity and aliveness.  Start with his interview in The Sun which spoke to me so powerfully I tracked him down and trained with him.

“The Work” has guided me from intense bitterness to tearful gratitude many times.  She has a revolutionary technology to see the price and falseness of the stressful thoughts that cause suffering.

Incredibly clear, cuts through illusion. Listen to Satsang, watch him online and read Emptiness Dancing or any of his books.

A Dharma treasure and grandmother of deep ecology.  Especially helpful teachings for activists and working with grief and anger about environmental degradation and social injustice.  If you want to wake up and show up as a real force for love in the world, this woman’s teachings are key.

Born awake, stayed awake.  As with Ramana, her presence, her visage is a teaching in itself.  I fell in love with her at first sight.

My favorite writer on relationship and healing the wound of the heart.  My copy of Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships is well-loved, underlined and dog-eared.  Deep insights on self-love, forgiveness and what we really want.

"You only have to turn your attention within your own Self and you see that you have always been free. This is your own nature.  There is no need to seek, no need to hunt It down anywhere else. It is already here."

The smartest person and most important philosopher on the planet, and founder of the Integral Movement.  He integrates philosophy, science, metaphysics, psychology, history, archaeology, biology, sociology, and anthropology to trace the path and direction of evolution– Important work that will help you see where you're blind spots are. He advocates for holistic growth– not just working on spiritual practices but also honoring the body, doing personal shadow work etc.  

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Currently my favorite meditation teacher- he focuses on the direct path.  Revolutionary - this is Meditation 2.0.  If you really want to wake up check him out- I do his guided meditations every day and reach states of total allowance, peace and deep presence that would normally take me days on a silent meditation retreat.

Read and listen to everything and anything.  To read, start with A Path with Heart.  To listen start here and continue on through the amazing resource that is Dharma Seed.

Incredibly kind, patient and honest, Pema has helps you breathe into the scary places and turn wounds into light.

Offers powerful and efficien and accessible practices to shift consciousness from ego-based awareness to open-hearted awareness.  Check out his videos and get a taste who you really are.

Become aware of and release the ways you sabotage.  Learn to play with your personas rather than being run by them.  Great support for personal and relationship growth and healing, using body intelligence and the spirit of play! 

Just to watch him walk is a teaching. Incredibly simple, accessible, practical and powerful teachings.

"I am forever remembering that everything is here to teach me how to love."  Powerful, accessible teachings from someone who has really walked the path.  

Indian saint who offered the inquiry: "Who am I?" His gaze says it all.

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The Untethered Soul is a must-read.  He uses your own experience to illuminate his teachings, also check out his dharma talks.

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