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Flow, Qigong & Meditation

Begin your day tending to the body, mind and spirit.  Qi Gong is a moving meditation (like Tai Chi) that connects us to the effortless flow and pulse of energy through the body; tonifies the nervous system; and cleanses and vitalizes the energy body. After some Radiant Heart Qigong, we will root our practice in guided meditation, and from that stillness, dive into the vigorous dance of yoga, one pose flowing into the next, opening at our edge with the breath. This moderately-paced vinyasa flow emphasizes the development of core strength, and the principle of resistance. After a warming practice we will cool down with a juicy Savasana, lulled by live lullabyes.  The ultimate purpose is not self-improvement, or getting it “right." It is to welcome and cultivate a passionate intimacy with all aspects of ourselves and our experience- from the sublime to the beautiful and complicated human mess; to come fully alive in our bodies, and in our lives-to delight!

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