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Qigong & Meditation

Saturdays, 10am PST

Online Zoom Class, 60 mins

Text me if you have any trouble logging onto Zoom class - 9 seven oh-366- oh 1 oh 9

Qi Gong is a moving meditation (like Tai Chi) that connects us to the effortless flow and pulse of energy that runs throughout the body. This sacred art tonifies the nervous system, and cleanses and vitalizes the energy body. It opens and stills the mind to slip naturally into a deep state of peace and stillness.  I will guide a 15-20 minute sit following our standing practice.

The ultimate purpose of our time together is not self-improvement, or getting it “right"; rather, it is to cultivate a open intimacy with all aspects of ourselves and our experience - to know reality directly without the distorting lenses of preference, story and agenda.

For all bodies - can practice seated if you like.

Dana by Paypal donation, $5-10 suggested.  If you are feeling financial stress, come as my guest.  I trust you to spread the peace.

Qigong & Meditation:
Invigorating Practice 1 hr

Three Centers Breathing and Double Spiral Meditation

Practice now...
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